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About Us

Signal 8 Security was established in 1992 to provide Specialized security, Risk Mitigation and Close Protection services throughout Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Signal 8 now also has offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles. We at Signal 8 are dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by providing high quality professional security services. Our commitment is based on decades of experience and the utmost in professional and ethical standards.

Our international reputation coupled with the highest levels of training and operational experience has lead us to having completed successful assignments around the world. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have provided protection for a variety of clientele including Corporations, Royal families, Fortune 100s, CEOs and their families, High profile entertainers and Government officials.

Signal 8 Security has a wide range of staff that have combined experiences from the US and UK Military, The Intelligence community, US Federal Law Enforcement and the Private sector. All of our Close Protection team members are trained and certified with the International Bodyguard Association (IBA). All members of our staff are dedicated to their duties, safeguarding our clients with integrity, professionalism and confidentiality.

Our mission at Signal 8 Security is to provide our clients with a full security umbrella of (Physical-Premise-Cyber) security solutions. Signal 8 Security has developed a well-connected and informed list of contacts within private, government and law enforcement agencies throughout the Asia Pacific rim, Africa, the Middle East and North and South America. We work at all levels worldwide consulting operating and leading assignments on all aspects of security including Risk Management, Site Security, Information security, Close Protection, Advanced Security Training, Security Evaluations, Hostage negotiations and Kidnap Recoveries.

Signal 8 Security is the representative office in Hong Kong, Macau and China for the International Bodyguard Association (IBA) and is registered with The International Law Enforcement Training Agency (ILETA).